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Cognition #38: Closing Leads with 7 Types of Result Statements

How to attract leads with a single sentence?

I started this content piece as a private message, but as I went on to write, the points kept adding. I had no choice but to convert this into a full-length Cognition issue.

Been a while. Happy to get back to the OG format.

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In my 1.5 years of full-time freelancing and 2 years of content creation, I have learned result statements attract clients like a hot hazelnut cappuccino on a rainy day.

You might have built a large brand with thousands of followers or a perfect pitch deck with testimonials, data, offers, copy, etc., but the result statements grab the leads’ eyeballs in seconds vs. what your brand or pitch deck can do in minutes.

So what are result statements, and how do you form them?

Pretty simple. Result statements state what you have achieved for your previous clients in one line.

These focus on the benefits, numbers, or transformation the clients are hoping for themselves—the reason these are successful is they instill confidence, translating, “I achieved [result] for the Brand [xyz], and I can do the same for you.”

You use these statements in your cold emails, intros, comments on hiring posts, etc.

If that sounds a little complicated for a definition, don’t worry. I will give examples by sharing what all you can include in a result statement.


1. Reach

Reach statements are most resourceful when you’re a beginner, or your client is building from scratch.

Think of personal branding, for example. You might not drive massive engagement or attract any leads for your client, but you can quickly get impressions.

Example: Hit 500k impressions for a restaurant franchise’s founder on only the sixth post I crafted for her

2. Follower growth

Followers (and subscribers) are metrics clients are always on the lookout for.

One of the most popular beliefs in the content world is more followers = higher money-making opportunities. Use that belief to your advantage. Show them you have grown the numbers.

Example: Grew a Finance newsletter from 0 to 3000 subscribers

More: It can be in percentage too—especially if the numbers aren’t big (grew follower count by 35%)

3. Money

No result statement can be more effective than money statements. These statements get you high-ticket clients. You already know businesses invest in services that either save time or make money. Show them you have done it.

Example: Sold 27 high-end tickets ($400 each) to a small list of 500 with a 5-email sequence

4. Quantity

Big numbers project credibility almost instantly, even when it’s subject to scepticism.

Imagine a man in a black suit approached you, and after some small talk, you get to know he’s been in marketing for 15 years. Now, even though you haven’t seen any of his work, you tend to believe he’s good just for the time he is in the industry.

That’s how numbers trick your mind.

Example: Worked with 13 newsletters in 2023

5. Time

Trust me when I say this: If there is anything clients love more than making money, it’s making money fast. So if you have made some quick money for the client, use the time frame.

Example: Made $10k in a week for a personality development coach

+ this applies to any fast progress—not only money.

Example: Crafted a lead magnet that converted 500+ visitors into subs within 24 hours

6. Names

Worked with big brands? Always mention them—even if you have worked with them briefly and didn’t drive huge results. The fact they have hired you is tempting enough for the leads to take a chance with you.

Example: I wrote 20 taglines for the biggest toy company in France and Germany: PLAYMOBIL

More: Worked with [Big Creator Name] (even if it was a small one-time gig)

7. Size

Some brands have big numbers and do insanely well but are not so popular. Or sometimes you just can’t mention their name.

For brands like these, you mention how big they are by talking about the money they made, the success they had, or how big their customer base is.

Example: Wrote direct response emails for a B2B brand with a list as big as 100,000+


  • Worked with a publicly listed company

  • Worked with a brand that made $$$$$$ in sales in 2023 Q3.

1000-word essay is a fairy tale world. We are in the business where leaders say, “you have 3 seconds to grab my attention and if you don’t, bye byeee,” which is why you need result sentences that are sharp and don’t take more than 5 seconds to communicate.

Hence, this action plan for you:

  • Pick pen and paper

  • List down everything you’ve done for your clients thus far

  • Form Result Statements using the above principles

  • Pitch with result statements being your hero

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