Introducing Dopeletters Cohort

everything you need to know is here

I have been talking about this for months and I am glad we are finally ready for launch.

I was waiting for the website to get ready. But I have got a decent number of entries into the waitlist, and I am also aware you have many unanswered questions.

Without wasting any more time, I am gonna share everything you need in detail.


While I communicate to you about the cohort and the updates around it, your inbox in the next week might have more communication emails than the content. I apologize for it—and I will limit it to the smallest number I can.

Before I dive into the details, I would like to introduce you to the cohort’s sponsor, Stackblocks.

Stackblocks allows you to create widgets, which can be used to embed your newsletters, blogs, and podcasts on any website. In short, showcase your latest content on your website without any coding knowledge.

Coming back to the cohort,

1. What is Dopeletters?

“Dopeletters is a six-week exclusive and limited cohort for no more than ten creators/writers to help them start and scale their newsletters to 500 subscribers.”

2. Why this cohort?

I am gonna talk about myself for the next thirty seconds. Please bear with me.

Newsletters are still early in small stage creators. Most people treat it like social media posts or blogs, but newsletters are way different and have potential beyond blogging and social media growth.

Since I have been in this space for two years and I do this for clients as well, I understand what is required in terms of management, content, and marketing to scale your newsletter from 0-500.

Honestly, I have had slow growth. Cognition hit 500 subscribers 1.5 years after it started. I can say I didn’t have a huge social media distribution or any other excuse—but the point is: I know what causes slow growth, and I know how to grow despite lacking a big personal brand.

If you ask me to tell you why I would do this cohort in one line, I’d say:

I want you to avoid the mistakes I committed and gain your first 500 subscribers as soon as possible, unlike me. I want to lay the roadmap and guide you in each step; and make it easy fast and systematic for you.

Okay, that’s two lines.

3. Why six weeks?

The whole point of this cohort is to go against the traditional course model and give personalized assistance to the cohort members. To achieve it, I need more than a three-hour live session.

Newsletters are a long-term game. It’s not like an ebook where you build content fast and sell passively. You need to show up every week in marketing, operations, and not to forget, content.

I want to help you build a habit, routine, and system over six weeks so when the cohort is done, you will not have to make big changes to your routine.

…and of course, the longer duration helps me get into each segment in depth.

4. What happens in six weeks?

I have divided Dopeletters into three phases.

Phase 1: Learning
Phase 2: Operations
Phase 3: Community

Phase 1:

This is from week 0 to week 4, where I cover these topics:

Week 0: Orientation and pre-cohort material
Week 1: What newsletter should you build + Set up the profile
Week 2: Figuring out content + creation
Week 3: Launching your newsletter
Week 4: Marketing and growing your newsletter

All this happens in group live sessions.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 happens in weeks 5 and 6.

By the end of Phase 1, you will be equipped with all the learnings. Your newsletter will already be in operation, sending out issues every week.

During weeks 0-4, we focus on learning and parallel implementation.

…and during weeks 5-6, you will be on your own, but I will supervise your growth and everything you do.

In Phase 2, we get on a one-on-one call twice a week:

  • At the beginning of the week to set goals

  • At the end of the week to monitor progress and discuss growth

Phase 3:

This is after the six-week cohort is done. We will be a part of a closed community—to help each other grow, share resources, and I will always be available for any help you need.

5. What happens each week?

Now you know how six weeks are divided. Let me tell you how each week is structured.

I spoke to multiple creators who were interested in this cohort and tried to counter their biggest hurdles to a great cohort experience. Most creators have no problem showing up to the live sessions and learning, but the real problem comes when they have to execute their learnings (I am guilty of this too.)


Every week in Phase 1:

Starts with a live class:
This is a two-hour live group session, where I share strategies, methods, examples, etc.

Follows up with a deep work session:
You don’t have to worry about ‘when to work on my newsletter.’ We will conduct deep work sessions, where all of us gather on a video call and work for two hours.

The deep work session is followed up by a 15-20 minute Q&A, just in case you have any doubts or to discuss what you have worked on

At the end of each week, I review your work and we can discuss what we can improve.

I don’t want to share theory and leave you hanging. I will share voice notes, messages, or loom videos to sharpen your work.

To summarize, each week has:

Live Session

Two hours

Deep Work Session

Two hours


On community

Each week in Phase 2:

We get on a one-on-one call either on Monday or Tuesday to discuss plans for the week. We get on another call on the weekend to discuss progress, problems, and measures to counter them.

Two calls a week, one-on-one.

6. Why exclusivity?

Honestly, only two reasons:

  1. I want to provide a personalized and impactful experience. Even if I help build five newsletters, I want to give it my all.

  2. I won’t have time to help more than 10 creators—to balance my content, client work, and personal life.

7. What can you expect?

  • Personalized experience

  • Recordings of live sessions

  • Visibility and Support: I will be talking about the cool newsletters you’re building on my socials and newsletters. Will do all I can to increase your visibility.

8. Dates and Timings

  • The cohort starts on 26th February and will go on for six weeks.

  • Timings will be based on the members. If all of them are remote workers and can accommodate time in the afternoons, I’d love to host these sessions during day time.

    If not, it will be in the evenings.

  • Either way, the cohort happens on weekdays.

9. How much does it cost?

The entire six-week cohort costs INR 5000, including live classes, feedback sessions, and one-on-one calls.

The community after the cohort will be a perk and is offered free of cost.

PS: There is no refund policy

10. How to get in?

Since I am limiting the cohort to 10 creators, I wish to follow a few parameters so I can help you in the best way possible.

Honestly, I wish I could help everyone, but considering the cohort’s structure and the time it consumes, I had to limit entries.

In case you don’t make it to Batch 1, you will be prioritized for the next batch.

What makes you an ideal fit?

  • You have built an audience on social media (helps us know how familiar you are with understanding the basics of audience and content)

  • You write decently (good newsletters are written well. You don’t need to be a writer, but it helps if you can communicate effectively on text)

  • You have 6-8 hours to invest in your newsletter every week

  • You are specialized in a skill (not mandatory, but it’s a big plus in building niche newsletters)

These are a few basic parameters. I might look at some exceptions and nuanced parameters.

Next action steps:

  1. You fill up a form

  2. We shortlist you and send you an email

  3. Once you’re shortlisted, you can make the payment and join the cohort (you are not charged anything for filling out the form)

Please fill out this form and I will reach out to you in three days:

PS: You will receive an email even if you are not shortlisted

I hope to see you on the other side.